Walus Tsubaki is Corone's brother and Walter's son. He finds himself in the "Photo room" making drugs with his friends, when Walter finds out about this, he supports his son and asks for a cut of the profits.

Finding of Japan Edit

In his early days of worshiping Fuuka, Walus was reading the "Fuukangram" and fell into the Country we know today as "Japan". This surprised him and made him want to protect it at any cost.

Space time confusion Edit

Walus always ends up accidentally ending up in the wrong places at the wrong time. For example when he was trying to get to the Senghor era, he ended up in modern day Japan.


His space travels worked out because he meet his 6 best friends... Junpei, Kanji, Ryuji, Yosuke, Yusuke and Akihiko. Walus learned one thing from each friend... Fuck everything that moves from Junpei, Use Walus Strike to unlock your true potential from Yosuke, Eat protein from Akihiko, Buy lobsters from Yusuke, Punch stuff from Kanji and go to Hawaii from Ryuji.

Crime Edit

Walus is in deep trouble for not getting his inter galactic travel license and could serve 1-2 days for it. He is is very concerned about this, but says he still refuses to get one saying it is "just another thing I will have to carry around". Because of this the only police officer that likes Walus is his uncle Dojima.

Awkward Years Edit

It all happend in the year 2022, the sky was bright... The babies were sinning... and the land lord was asking for rent... The only problem was Walus had just spent the last of his Yen on his maid teacher. Knowing this, Walus pulled out his gun and proceeded to shoot the man. Luckily in the universe Walus was in murder by gun was the only legal way of murder.

Sexual Relationships Edit

Walus has had 5 sexual relationships over the years. Naoto Shirogane, Ayane Matsunaga (AKA The Baby), Chihiro Fushimi, his Cat Maid Teacher and his Gun. He said in an interview "The Baby looked like an apple, I like apples, so she was the best" Walus has sense said that wherever he may go, he will always have his apple to remind himself of the good times he had with the delicious snack he loves.