Purupurupen Edit

Purupurupen is a poor merchant from Ghalzabine. He wants to get home for the annual Pen Fair that he looks forward to every year.

 Controversy Edit

Purupurupen had amassed a great amount of controversy due to his position as the first character in gaming to align himself with CSPB, the terrorist group founded in 1994 by Mada Reldnas. Many fans have threatened to boycott his games if he doesn't leave the group and stop eating twelve babies a day (protesters have compromised and stated that they will be fine if he only eats 9 3/4 a day). However, very little has come of this, as his games continue to sell to the ignorant masses that have no idea what a CSPB or a Flub Club are. Purupurupen has defended his membership in CSPB in a 2013 interview by stating "I'm a f**king penguin, what did you expect?" CSPB remains to this day the 225th most dangerous terrorist group of the year, barely being beat out by the KUCK (Killer Ukrainian Crokodile Kupos) due to their recent attack on the set of the popular children's program Idle Municipality. As the war between the Flub Club and CSPB roles on, many are left to wonder just how much longer Purupurupen will survive the battles to come.

Drug Addiction Edit

From 2009 to the present, Purupurupen has been very happy admitting what some would consider to be a fatal drug addiction. Purupurupen has admitted to ingesting "everything under the sun" when it comes to his drugs, once even going so far as to create a mountain of dead babies in order to snort cocaine off of every one of their bodies. While many have attempted to curb Purupurupen's addiction, very few have survived the slice of his Red Katana after their failed attempt. Those that did survive mysteriously found themselves smothered in their hospital beds the night before their release. While penguin DNA was found at each scene of the crime, any of those who have attempted to confront Purupurupen with this information have received a similar fate. As of December 23rd, 2016, Purupurupen has promised to ingest twice as many drugs on a daily basis in order to fight his crippling depression.

Crippling Depression Edit

In a 2016 interview, Purupurupen admitted that he has been fighting depression ever since the death of his family. "The only thing that has kept me from committing sepuku with my Red Katana is the thought that if I die, I won't be able to do any drugs or eat any babies in Hell". Purupurupen has also stated that his depression has been "doing wonders" for his acting career, allowing him to tap into a more personal nature than any other actor that has ever existed (except for Tommy Wiseau). Purupurupen's agent, Mada Reldnas, has stated that he likes to remind Purupurupen of his family "on a daily basis" in order to keep his depression going and his acting in peak condition.