Ouchie-pen is an orphaned Penguin encountered in Alphadia Genesis. He appears as a lone soldier who sells the Red Katana. His story is known as one of the best encountered in the game, according to a fan poll created in 2003.

Penpen Full Theme (HD)

Penpen Full Theme (HD)

Penpen's reveal trailer for SSB4.

Life Before the Apocalypse Edit

Much of Ouchie-pen's life before the apocalypse is unknown. However, through the dialogue, it is revealed that he had two kids and a wife. He reveals much later that his eldest son, Pepppun, died in a car accident a few years before his 21st birthday.

Life During Alphadia Genesis Edit

Ouchie-pen's life was destroyed during the main story of Alphadia Genesis. His wife died early into the game, getting crushed by a massive bolder. Ouchie-pen could have saved her, but she insisted on death, as she wanted to save Peppanas. Ouchie and his son found refuge at a local community in the nearby Tree Forest, where they lived for several years. This was a short-lived achievement though, as the community resorted to cannibalism, devouring Peppanas live in front of Ouchie-pen. Ouchie-pen survived by taking the legendary blade and massacring everyone whom lived in the community, innocent or not. He continued his journey and ended up saving the world from the apocalypse (first time.) Around the time that the second apocalypse happens (Current Timeline), Ouchie-pen has long retired from his years of adventuring. He, however, passes down his fabled Red Katana to Walter, the fabled hero.

Guest Appearances Edit

Mario Kart 64 (1996) Edit

Ouchie-pen's first guest appearance was in the 1996 racing title for the Nintendo 64, Mario Kart 64. His racer was unique, as he drove a car inspired by the looks of the Red Katana. He replaced Toad in the PAL version of the game, whereas in every other version just added him to the roster as a new character. He was removed in future additions to the series, possibly due to too many similarities with the main series character Toad, as they both have many similarities in both character and story.

Super Smash Bros. 3DS/Wii U (2014) Edit

Ouchie-pen makes an appearance in Super Smash Bros. for 3DS/Wii U, appearing as the representative for Alphadia Genesis, and KEMCO as a whole. His fighting style is very unique compared to other fighters. He is the fastest character on the roster, but is set back by having the smallest reach of any character. Every move is a simple slash with his Red Katana, besides his Smash Attacks, in which he body slams the opponent. His high damage output makes him a very viable character to play in competitive. His final Smash is taking whoever ends up in front of him into the skies, as Walter joins him to kill anyone caught in the attack.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (2017) Edit

Possibly the biggest appearance of Ouchie-pen, Nintendo has put our favorite penguin in gaming into the vastly popular franchise, The Legend of Zelda. Is has been revealed that Ouchie-pen will actually be a villain in this game, working as the secondary-antagonist along with Walter. It was a very controversial choice for Nintendo, but overall, may bring a new light to the series.

Final Fantasy XVI (2017) Edit

Not much is known of his appearance, as the game is slated to release later in 2017. However, it has been revealed to us that Ouchie-pen will make an appearance as the Cup Noodle vendor, and has been confirmed as a party member. Initial trailers have posed him in a darker light than we have ever seen him in before, causing fans to speculate that this is an older and more harrowed Ouichie-pen who has adopted a much colder exterior due to the events of Final Fantasy XV 1/2 (which has had its story leaked thanks to the amazing work of the geniuses over at IGN, who broke into Square Enix and killed seventy people just to bring us this information).

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